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If you have located our website and are reading this page, you may have or know a child who learns differently. Would this child benefit from a more personalized approach? One that supports social-emotional growth? One that highlights STEM and language-based instruction with practical methods? The College School may be the answer to your search. Learning differences are real and they make it challenging for a child to thrive in a traditional school setting. I am happy that you have come to the right place to advocate for your child in the classroom and beyond.

I welcome you to come tour The College School.  Meet our staff, observe our students, and feel our passion. This hidden gem on inception metro campus’ Children’s Campus is where “great minds” await!


Message From Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission and Objectives

The youth can be recognized as the focal point of the development and sustainability of a country in Sri Lanka and they need opportunities for employment, economic upliftment, empowerment, health care  and their voices should be heard. Therefore, they should be given access to education and employment in any country to explore the avenues of for growth and development. It is important to ensure that world-class tertiary and higher education is within their reach, paving way to affordable and attainable learning and upgrading skills. The objective of the Board of Governors of Inception Metro Campus is to make the world-class higher education affordable, providing quality education which meets the skills and competency requirements of industry including both public and private sector.

Inception Metro Campus strives to reduce the gap in labor compatibility of industry, by providing a balance role in academic education through integration, along with experiential learning. All our programs are aimed at enabling undergraduates, graduates, and diplomats are employable immediately upon graduation. Therefore, we are working with a faculty of academics with professional background towards achieving our objective of experiential learning with sound academic background. Inception Campus firmly believes that education which does not lead to employability is a hindrance to a developing nation. Therefore, we encourage participants, stakeholders within the university to integrate the learning programs to be closely compatible with the needs of industry.

A talented workforce, with high degree of competencies is the dire need of the country. Thus, we have taken measures to include industry leaders and senior managers, as our faculty members, who are committed to bridge the gap between the academics and industry. Therefore, work closely with industry in Research and Development.

Our faculty members are expected to be consultants in various industry related projects to empower knowledge sharing with participants and industry.

Creativity, artificial intelligence, automation and re-engineering, innovation and integration with disruptive technologies, are key elements that we have infused to our programs. Critical analysis and thinking are considered vital to development of youth of any country. Youth engagement in learning and Development, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Research & Development is critical to the success of industry and the country. 

Inception Metro Campus will attract highly talented industry leaders with professional and academic qualification to influence the young minds to think critically , reflect and make decisions that will lead to creativity and innovation for their sustainable development and that of this Great Nation. Inception Metro Campus will be the place where Great Minds and Great Talent will CONVERGE.


Chief Executive Officer



Akram Sheriffdeen

Operations Director





Ahmed Sharoofie

Managing director





Farzan Aabdeen


Our Story

About Us

The Strategic Plan for 2023 is intended as a blue print and corporate plan for the Inception Campus for three years ended 2023, addition to drive the corporate plan of the Campus. This plan is based amidst the Covid 19 background of global pandemic of the Corona Virus. When many countries in Asia decided to go in for a lockdown. Sri Lanka went into a staggered lockdown initially and subsequently a national lockdown. The impact of the lockdown and stringently regulations of the government of Sri Lanka saw the country being safeguarded from the deadliest of Viruses and till today approximately 13 deaths in the country in Sept 2020.

All economic indicators show a decline, inflation has increased to an average of 6.2 % Government spending, foreign currency reserves and Colombo Stock Exchange has shown downwards trends. The unemployment numbers have slightly improved from that of July 2020 situation. The number of people return to work is on the rise. Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Trade is yet dormant with at least 2 mil people unemployed in that sector, education primary secondary and tertiary are back to normal however new enrollments and entrants have not been see at the end of September 2020. Private sectors spending and domestic spending is an all time low, money circulation and investment by private sector and domestic sector is an all time low. Consumer durable sector has decline, retail sector is see a return back to normalcy at a very slow space.

Inceptions Campus has evolved over a period of two decades from a provider of professional education tuition for institutions such as CIMA, CIM, ACCA and ABE over the last 20 years. It has produced world prize winners in ABE, CIM, and London University Degree programs by the faculty and resource persons who are presently the directors and academic staff of INCEPTION CAMPUS. Thus, I-Campus has a prestigious history and background in Sri Lanka and Middle East where in it operated as Vision Education Services. Some of the same resource persons are also the directors of IC today and new firebrand faculty dedicated to enhancing the knowledge Skills and Expertise of Student Base in the Campus today

Although we have been more in the business education sector today we are in the very same sector with the same professionals and experts, however, we have expanded to a BUSINESS SCHOOL, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL SCIENCES and R&D Faculty to meet the needs of the 21st Century Sri Lanka.

I-Campus at its core is a Social Enterprises Institution with its objective making education affordable to the youth of this country and aims to bring a paradigm shift in education in terms of looking at education to employment and beyond. I-Campus is managed at its core by a Board of Governors who are academics, industry leaders and professionals as such education standards, quality and learning are at the core considerations of the BoG, At the business level as an organization again its supported by a Board of Directors who are academics, professionals and industry leaders to ensure that the Core Objective of  Social Enterprise and Education are not at loggerheads

Our Services in the Education Sector is based on the objective of educating youth on Diploma Programs, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Professional Programs that are some of the best in Sri Lanka and that are internationally accepted with the right accreditations locally, internationally. Hence most of our programs are either Sri Lankan Accredited or British Accredited programs.  We have the Business Schools that has programs from undergraduate level to Graduate Levels, School of Engineering. School of Medicine, School of Social Sciences. In 2022 we are opening the Hospitality and Tourisms School. Some of our programs are for international markets to cater to the bourgeoning employment of Sri Lankans.

We will continue our dedication to professional examination tuition with services provided to ACCA, IELTS and CPD’s programs of international standards.

Our Vision & Mission


To be a leading provider of higher diploma and undergraduate programs in Sri Lanka leading on Engineering and Human Science Programs To be the number one low cost high standard tertiary education provider in Sri Lanka by 2025


To be the leading social enterprises providing education solutions to increase local and international employment opportunities to Sri Lanka and other countries, using state of the art technologies, to be competitive and cost effective while ensuring high standard of tertiary education to the youth of Sri Lanka. Ensure our programs will be locally accredited and have international accreditation case by case. Develop our youth for employment and career growth. With the assistance of great faculty of academics and practicing professionals of Sri Lanka in learning and coaching outcomes.


Business Management


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B Information Technology
B Tec Engineering

Social Studies

Human Sciences & Medicine

core values

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social focus

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Creativity & Innovation: Excitement

Inception Metro Campus is about infusion of creativity innovation, trending knowledge, integration of technology and continuous adaptation to change for all our stakeholders including participants, professors’ academics and associates. This is why our faculty includes inventors, entrepreneurs, scientist, CEO, we strive to integrate the campus with industry via experiential learning.

Inception Metro Campus is committed to integrating its campus to meet industry and therefore we not only seek industry leaders to the faculty but we embark on research and development, problem solving and consultancy.


Our primary focus is the students and professionals who participate in various academic and professional programs. We groom participants via industrial training apprenticeship, consultancy, case studies and visits to ensure fit for Jobs and Industry. Our student when they complete programs go back to the same employers or find new opportunities in firms in which they gain internships or consultancy.


Our institution success is purely based on the success of our students. We provide experiential learning fit for industry to enable our students to be employable. City Campus builds skills and competencies to create talent

Academic Foundation &
Inception Metro Campus Values

The following goals are integral to the mission of the campus:

  1. To continually change, integrate with Disruptive technologies and Industry to improve, and ensure the effectiveness of the our undergraduate, graduate and CPD programs in enhancing skills and competencies in preparing participants and faculty for successful careers.
  2. To engage and maintain a competent, qualified faculty that possesses current technical,  professional knowledge and expertise, engages in ongoing professional development, has the ability to cascade  knowledge, skills and competencies  to our student body and build strong relations with the students alumnae. To engage graduate faculty in research that serves to improve teaching and learning and industry needs globally and locally.
  3.  To improve students’ communication capabilities to meet industry requirements as well as analytical, technical, and conceptual skills prior to graduation. Enhance Critical and reflective analytical skills of participants.

  4. To provide facilities that support educational programs encourage students to develop profession specific skills and necessary competence at work bring about fit for industry. To provide a collegiate academic atmosphere that encourages open exchange of ideas. To engage and maintain a staff that is caring and provides support for students and meets their educational goals and objectives. To improve students’ communication capabilities to meet industry requirements as well as analytical, technical, and conceptual skills prior to graduation. Enhance Critical and reflective analytical skills of participants.

  5. IMC offers comprehensive distance learning programs to fully meet the educational and training needs of citizens and industry including systems of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Value Systems. To engage in programs and activities that provide community service aligned with the university’s mission.

    We strive to achieve a fit between academics, industry and public sector

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Internship programs with hands on practicals

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions that are updated on a regular basis.

While our buildings are closed until the start of the autumn term, the University remains very much open. In addition to teaching, all student support and professional service departments are working remotely.

We know that many members of our community will be concerned at this time, and we are committed to providing our students and staff with the support they need. The University has been planning for several contingencies since news of the coronavirus first emerged and we are confident we can continue to provide a high-quality experience for our students.