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Ahmed Sharoofie

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a letter from our director

If you have located our website and are reading this page, you may have or know a child who learns differently. Would this child benefit from a more personalized approach? One that supports social-emotional growth? One that highlights STEM and language-based instruction with practical methods? The College School may be the answer to your search. Learning differences are real and they make it challenging for a child to thrive in a traditional school setting. I am happy that you have come to the right place to advocate for your child in the classroom and beyond.

I welcome you to come tour The College School.  Meet our staff, observe our students, and feel our passion. This hidden gem on inception metro campus’ Children’s Campus is where “great minds” await!


Tincluding both public and private sector.


Our Story

About Us

Inceptions Campus has evolved over a period of two decades from a provider of professional education tuition for institutions such as CIMA, CIM, ACCA and ABE over the last 20 years. It has produced world prize winners in ABE, CIM, and London University Degree programs by the faculty and resource persons who are presently the directors and academic staff of INCEPTION CAMPUS. Thus, I-Campus has a prestigious history and background in Sri Lanka and Middle East where in it operated as Vision Education Services. Some of the same resource persons are also the directors of IC today and new firebrand faculty dedicated to enhancing the knowledge Skills and Expertise of Student Base in the Campus today

Although we have been more in the business education sector today we are in the very same sector with the same professionals and experts, however, we have expanded to a BUSINESS SCHOOL, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL SCIENCES and R&D Faculty to meet the needs of the 21st Century Sri Lanka.

I-Campus at its core is a Social Enterprises Institution with its objective making education affordable to the youth of this country and aims to bring a paradigm shift in education in terms of looking at education to employment and beyond. I-Campus is managed at its core by a Board of Governors who are academics, industry leaders and professionals as such education standards, quality and learning are at the core considerations of the BoG, At the business level as an organization again its supported by a Board of Directors who are academics, professionals and industry leaders to ensure that the Core Objective of  Social Enterprise and Education are not at loggerheads

Our Services in the Education Sector is based on the objective of educating youth on Diploma Programs, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Professional Programs that are some of the best in Sri Lanka and that are internationally accepted with the right accreditations locally, internationally. Hence most of our programs are either Sri Lankan Accredited or British Accredited programs.  We have the Business Schools that has programs from undergraduate level to Graduate Levels, School of Engineering. School of Medicine, School of Social Sciences. In 2022 we are opening the Hospitality and Tourisms School. Some of our programs are for international markets to cater to the bourgeoning employment of Sri Lankans.

We will continue our dedication to professional examination tuition with services provided to ACCA, IELTS and CPD’s programs of international standards.


Business Management


B Tec MEngFMgt
B Information Technology
B Tec Engineering

Social Studies

Human Sciences & Medicine

core values

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Our primary focus is the students and professionals who participate in various academic and professional programs. We groom participants via industrial training apprenticeship, consultancy, case studies and visits to ensure fit for Jobs and Industry. Our student when they complete programs go back to the same employers or find new opportunities in firms in which they gain internships or consultancy.